Northfleet Harbour is a fascinating site, at the moment it is surprisingly unknown with most locals and users of the

Thames not knowing of its existence despite its huge size.


The harbour itself is virtually intact with all of its walls being preserved in time as they were pre WW2, the

only problem stopping the harbour being used is a flood defence wall being built across the entrance.

Northfleet Harbour today still fully intact.


Northfleet Harbour as it is today, the harbour walls

can clearly be seen surrounding the silted over harbour.

The factories to the left of the picture have very

 recently been demolished and will be a £0.5billion

mixed development site as part of the regeneration of

the area. The bottom left hand corner of the picture

 shows the access point to the harbour cut off by a

flood wall, the Trust plans to have this obstacle removed

 and have an alternative flood strategy that allows

this historic harbour to provide a desperately

needed maritime resource for the Thames


Copy and paste this reference into google maps "51.45053,0.328141" to find the harbour.

(Nb the little dot within the red square drawn on the factory towards the upper 

right of the picture is the Scheduled Ancient Monument known as Aspdins

 Kiln, one of the earliest cement producing kilns surviving today)

On the gallery page can be seen pictures of all the surviving

 harbour walls, all of the walls bar the 1872 East wall are in

 perfect condition and need very little work to bring back into use. This picture to the right shows very clearly the harbour at

high tide, the shape of the harbour is identical to the picture above bar that flood defence wall and the silted over area.




The below picture is Sept 2011 showing the cement factory demolished and the extent of the harbour.

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