Northfleet Harbour is the site of the most exciting opportunity for a new marina and maritime centre on the Thames. This fully intact harbour could become home to hundreds of yachts and powerboats, sports activities, employment and apprenticeships, as well as dozens of historic ships, boat sales, repairs and a whole maritime leisure, sporting, and heritage industry.  The harbour is 0.7 miles from Ebbsfleet International, with fast connections to London, the Kent coast and Europe.

Vision for community harbour benefits [click to enlarge]
Northfleet Harbour Restoration Trust aims to reverse the decline of Northfleet Harbour and bring it back into use.  We will be looking to reopen the harbour to the River Thames by re-opening the 1970s flood wall.  The Harbour can offer sporting opportuntieis, employment, boat repairs, historic sailing ships, marina services, heritage interpretation, education and much more.  Northfleet Riverside is being developed by the Ebbsfleet Development Corporation, who are building the new Ebbsfleet Garden City close to historic Northfleet.

This website presents the unique historic asset, and its potential as a maritime centre on the lower reaches of the Tidal Thames, where it could become the first public slipway in this area in current times, and offer a wealth of local opportunities.  If restored, this important heritage asset so close to Ebbsfleet Garden City would be a special and distinctive feature of the local area.